James Scott


James Scott’s musical career embraces over four decades of accomplishments as a performing musician, a teacher, and an administrator. Scott earned degrees in both flute and piano from the Oberlin Conservatory and the Peabody Conservatory with a doctoral thesis in the area of music theory, dealing with structural aspects of pre-serial Schoenberg and their relationship to late Brahms works. He served for many years as a faculty member and head of the music program at Rutgers University. Scott later became associate dean for instruction and professor of flute at Indiana University, performing as principal flutist of the Indiana University Festival Orchestra with which he appeared as soloist in Lukas Foss’ Renaissance Concerto under the direction of the composer. He also served as Director of the School of Music at the University of Illinois before beginning his current work in 2001 as Dean of the College of Music at the University of North Texas. Teaching has remained central to his interests, and a number of his former students hold tenured and tenure-track positions in various universities. He continues to give master classes in this country and abroad. Other professional activities include his recent chairmanship of the Commission on Accreditation of the National Assn. of Schools of Music; and his presidency of Pi Kappa Lambda, the national music honor society; chairmanship of the College of Music Society Committee on Leadership and Administration; and membership on the boards of the Dallas Symphony.  He is frequently asked to serve on evaluation teams for music programs in this country and abroad.



Oneida Cramer received a Ph.D. in physiology from the University of Maryland, a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at UT Southwestern Medical School, and worked in research in the field of Neuroendocrinology in Baltimore, Maryland and in Dallas, Texas until as assistant professor at UT Southwestern Medical School she retired to raise a family in 1979. She returned to the work force pursuing research in 1991 and at the same time began to study writing as a graduate student at SMU. She worked as a contributing writer for People Newspapers from 1995 to 2003, during which time, she met and interviewed then artistic director Dorothea Kelley, for articles about the Dallas Chamber Music Society concert programs. She continued writing about and for the Dallas Chamber Music Society and joined the board in 2005. Soon after joining, she became the secretary. Because of her children’s participation in the New Conservatory of Dallas, she also volunteered and worked as Music Librarian, Special Projects Coordinator, and in 2005 became the Executive Coordinator of the New Conservatory of Dallas, a position she still holds.




Paul Hendershot is a Portfolio Manager and co-founder of the Hendershot-Frederiksen Group at Morgan Stanley. Hendershot began his career as an investment banker at Credit Suisse in New York, where he advised corporations in connection with more than $30 billion worth of mergers, acquisitions, IPOs, leveraged buyouts, bond offerings, and other strategic and financial transactions. Prior to joining Morgan Stanley, he helped manage a multi-billion dollar group of investment funds within Highland Capital Management’s publicly traded funds group. Prior to beginning his career, Hendershot was awarded an academic fellowship to pursue the Ph.D. in Economics at Johns Hopkins University. After completing all coursework required for the Ph.D. in Economics, Hendershot left the Ph.D. program with a Master’s Degree in order to begin his career in finance. Hendershot has held a passion for classical music since he began studies on the trombone at the age of 10. He attended the Kinhaven Music School in Weston, VT, where he spent three summers playing chamber music, fostering his enduring appreciation of small ensemble performances. He currently studies piano with Andrey Ponochevny.

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